Thursday, February 23, 2006

The one where you guess a whole buncha stuff about me...

Here it is. The 1st Ever (and hopefully annual) Official Grumpy Frump Trivia Contest!! Here are the rules:

  1. Find your answers any way you can.
  2. Only emailed answers will be accepted (My email address is SOMEWHERE in this blog. You have to find that, too. HINT: it's in the template somewhere).
  3. First email with all the correct answers will win a choice of a $25 Target gift card or $25 in Chipotle gift cards (Yes, you have to send me your real address, so that I can mail it to you). If you live outside the US, we'll cut a deal for $25 in SOMETHING.
  4. Consolation prizes will only be awarded if no one guesses all questions correctly. The person with the most correct guesses will be awarded a consolation prize. Consolation prizes are "mystery bags." Ya get what ya get. (oh, and I didn't forget that I STILL owe MPB and Ludi their own songs. It will happen. I promise!)
  5. Contest starts as soon as I post. Contest ends at 11:59pm CST, March 10, 2006. Or until someone gets all the answers correct. Whichever comes first.

Those are all the rules... here are all the questions:

  1. How far away do I live from the meat packers that just won the biggest Powerball ever? (approximately, plus/minus 10 miles)
  2. How many kids do my husband and I have?
  3. How many total posts do I have in my picture blog (as of 2/23/06)?
  4. How old am I?
  5. What am I doing in the only picture I posted where you can see my face?
  6. What cartoon character did my Christmas cookies resemble?
  7. What is my favorite hockey team?
  8. What is my fish’s name?
  9. What is one of my biggest pet peeves (it’s actually in a post, stated exactly as such)?
  10. What is the main ingredient in my favorite drink?
  11. What rejected crayon am I?
  12. What was the date when I finished an entire Chipotle burrito for the first time ever?
  13. What was the first “Quote I Can’t Stop Using” in my sidebar, and whom was I quoting?
  14. Who is my favorite actor?
  15. Who was the first person to ever comment on my blog?

Okay, so I know this is shameless, but I'm interested to see if anyone will actually get them all right. This could be fun. Really. I'm not lying. Good, clean fun.

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