Thursday, February 02, 2006

My thumb hurts...

... it's the left one. As I was working today, I noticed that it hurts a lot. How exactly does one hurt the thumb? Thumbkin. The toughest friggin' digit on the planet.

So, as I'm freaking out about the possibility of this being a repetitive motion "injury," I thought to myself... I don't really even use my thumb when I type. Hardly ever.

Then I realized... I use my thumb when I ALT-TAB. As in, reading blogs... oops. Someone's coming. AlT-TAB. Working on a spreadsheet. Onion boy passes by the cube and keeps on walking. ALT-TAB. Back to reading Jurgen. Oops. Here comes Scary Old Guy. ALT-TAB. Working on a staff e-survey. He stops in for another question (somebody shoot me if I have to answer one more question about how to save to the server). ALT-TAB. On to reading Nabbalicious. On and on like this all day (I have to read all The Cool Kids everyday. I just have to... ).

So, I have a few choices:

1. Stop reading blogs/blogging while at work. (I'm such a good multi-tasker, though!)
2. Reconfigure my keyboard, so that another key combination switches windows on the desktop.
3. Tough it out and stop acting like such a wuss.

Right now, #2 looks like the best option.
*wondering if ALT-TAB injuries qualify for paid disability leave*


Ludicrousity said...

Me thinks #3 is a better option. How many times are you pressing alt-tab for it to hurt as a result of blogging?! Damn you're addicted woman! And I thought I was a blogging adict!

Dboy said...

Maybe you should hone your ALT-TABbing skillz (ie. ALT-TAB in a more graceful and less injury-inducing manner). Practice practice practice. Then you would be the 'ALT-TAB l33t pwnz0r', ALT-TAB owning everyone in the office.

Or you could coat your Alt key in cotton wool. Yeah, that's cool. If anyone asks, just say that you've memorized that button, and so don't need to look at its name any more.

Or, y'know, if you do go with #3, you'll probably eventually end up with an awesome callous, which you can show off proudly to all your friends so they think you're really tough.

Hope I've been a help.

Paisley said...

You could start using the alt button on the right side of the keyboard. Switch it up a bit - you know, to keep them guessing!

I'm addicted too. What helped me is protopage. You can set it up to have all your blogs feeds in one window and when you maximize it they are all there. You would just have to click on them to leave comments. Wait. I pretty much just click on them all anyways, so I guess that isn't much help. But protopage is cool....check it out, yo!

I conveniently have my computer screen positioned so no one can see it. yeah me!

nabbalicious said...

I vote for #3, because the way I look at it, how is my reading blogs any different than all the guys in the office yammering about golf or baseball for half the day? If anyone says a word to me, that's going to be my defense!

don't call me MA'AM said...

ludi and dboy: I see your point. But I'm a wuss.

Paisley: I don't like that ALT on the right. My right hand is way too busy typing and making up for the deficiencies in my left hand.

Nabbs: ABSOLUTELY. But then again, they usually drag me into those conversations, too... so now I'm doubly screwed. ;-)

Ludicrousity said...

Oh well, who works anyway? Work is for suckers! SUCKERS!

Maliavale said...

Alt+Tab totally changed my life. And Alt+F4 not too far behind!

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