Monday, February 13, 2006

Chipotle Update

Ah, the ever-so-poignant Nabbalicious just gave me the best idea for a post... and subsequent updates. I should be telling you all how often I go to Chipotle!! Then you will know my addiction. And the best thing to do about an addiction is to publicly acknowledge it, right?

Okay, so I didn't really keep track in January. Much. Except for January 9. But I digress. I'll start keeping track for February (except that I was sick for most of the start of February, so now I'm not off to a good start).

Here it is:
February 3 (only ate half)
February 10 (I remember distinctly that this was LUNCH-- only ate half)
February 13 (dinner--only ate half)

Yummo. I eat the same thing every time: Veggie burrito (black beans, rice, a little sour cream, cheese, and lettuce), Chips, Diet Coke.


nabbalicious said...

My stomach is growling. Can you hear it?

Gabrielle said...

What's Chipotle? Is it a chain? Because I love chipotles and I love what you usually find them in and I think I need some, NOW!

Paisley said...

mmmmmmmmmm - I get the veggie burrito too. I add guac and make them mix the ingredients up before they wrap it.


Darren said...

Let me see... I went on January 15, January 16, and February 4. I always get the fajita steak burrito and ask for it without rice. The rice just puts it over the top and makes it an enormous belly bomb.

You know about the chipotle Tabasco. Right?

don't call me MA'AM said...

Nabbs: Yes! Tell your stomach to keep it done. I'm trying to get some work done around here! ha

Gabrielle: Yes, Chipotle is a chain. I don't usually get into the whole chain scene, because I prefer to support the locals. But I LOVEEEE Chipotle!

Paisley: I love their guacamole... but it does NOT love me. I can't even eat it anymore. :-(

Darren: but since I always get the veggie burrito, I have to get the rice. Besides, I really like rice a lot. I agree, though... TOTAL belly bomb!

hannah said...

Chipotle is so good that it almost makes me forget how much I love Taco Bell. MMmmm. Taco Bell.

Interesting fact: On one of those nightly news proframs (20/20, Primetime, Nightline, etc...) there was an intense study done on the cleanliness of fast food chains and ranked number 1 with least critical violations was none other than the Taco Bell.

Thats not to say the Bell is without cause for concern. 91 critical violations mar their image, but that is opposed to the biggest offenders, Burger King's 241 critical violations.

Wow, I need to stop typing. Y'all probably think I'm a big ol' fatty with a burning penchant for greasy fast food. I'm not. I swear.

The end.