Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Oh, no. Someone FINALLY tagged me...

I've been tagged by Paisley. Since I've never been tagged before, I guess I actually need to do this one.

Next, select five people to tag.

Don't worry if you don't want to do it. I'll just make fun of you for the rest of the month. ha... just kidding
1. Ludicrousity
2. Master Peebody
3. Red
4. Margus
5. Jaek

*Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot*

Previous Memes:
1. a girl named inky
2. snickerdoodles
3. The Movie Monkey
4. Paisley Propaganda
5. Grumpy Frump

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Teaching 7-12 vocal music and practically living at the school. Rarely saw my own children or (ex-)husband. Trying VERY hard to be happy, but not succeeding.

What were you doing one year ago?
Dealing with debilitating fatigue. I missed a lot of work, and people thought I was a flake because I slept all the time. After switching doctors (the first one was absolutely certain I was depressed, and she kept me on antidepressants that made me even sleepier), I learned that I had polyps in my sinus cavities. Apparently, this affects your breathing enough that you become oxygen-deprived. Lack of oxygen=fatigued. After sinus surgery, I was a new woman!

Five snacks you enjoy:
1. chips from Chipotle (sea salt and lime)
2. cherry Twizzlers
3. pita chips and hummus (me, too, Paisley!!)
4. wine and cheese
5. raisins

Five songs you know all the words to:
1. Don't Stop Me Now (Queen)
2. Santeria (Sublime)
3. The Muppet Show Theme song
4. O mio babbino caro from Puccini's Gianni Schicchi (I was a voice major, okay?)
5. I Let A Song Go Out of My Heart (Ella Fitzgerald)

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1. Pay off all our debt.
2. Throw some of it into accounts for the four kids' college funds.
3. Buy an acreage. Not a farm. Just an acreage.
4. Take Farm Boy, Westley to Paris.
5. Take Farm Boy, Westley to Australia (okay, maybe the kids can come. MAYBE.)

Five bad habits:
1. Thinking I'm SuperMom who can do everything
2. Procrastination
3. Always having to be right
4. Sleeping in when I should get up and do something (work out, do laundry, etc.)
5. Crying when I get angry

Five things you enjoy doing:
1. Spending time with my family
2. Reading
3. Singing--actually anything that involves music
4. Golfing
5. Sleeping/Napping

Five things you would never wear:
1. Leggings or lycra shorts (unless I'm working out at home when no one else can see me)
2. Any top that plays "peekaboo" with my bra
3. Anything that Bai Ling would wear
4. Neon colors
5. A scrunchie (unless I'm wearing it to bed)

Five favorite toys(/games):
1. Simon
2. Balderdash
3. NTN Trivia (I'm addicted)
4. Tempest
5. Any quiz game where I can boastfully show you how intelligent I am... just kidding-- actually, I just like to gloat when I win. My brain effortlessly remembers absolutely useless facts, so I happen to excel at trivia and quiz games. Gee, it's sad that this is something that makes me feel good. I need a life.


Master Peebody said...

Does that mean i have to do this? Ok, i'll give it a go.

Jaek said...

Sweet! This is the first time I've been tagged so this will be my post tomorrow.

P.S. If you missed it on my comments, the answer is Michigan.

Red said...

Sweet! Tagged! But...I ALREADY poured my heart out enough for the WEEK...
OK, I suppose I can manage to do it again. :)

Paisley said...

I used to be a theatre teacher for high school. Isn't it funny how trying to do a job that is rewarding and creative can suck your soul from your body and leave you lifeless and socially lacking without memory of what your house or family actually look like?


Kimmy said...

I'm glad you found a doctor who listened to you. Glad you're feeling better!

Ella Fitzgerald...no-one compares!

don't call me MA'AM said...

MPB: Yes!!

Jaek: I remember that now.

Red: pouring one's heart out is good for the soul. ;-)

Paisley: I do miss that job, but I don't miss being gone 24/7. And weekends. Don't miss that one bit.

Kimmy: Amen! Oh, and Ella... what would I do without Ella?

Nikki said...

I like the "anything that Bai Ling would wear" .. ha!!!!

don't call me MA'AM said...

nikki: I go back and forth being either really disgusted with her... or really SCARED by her!

Ludicrousity said...

Come to Australia!!!

don't call me MA'AM said...

ludi: believe me... if I could right now, I WOULD!I'm hoping maybe in the next few years. ??

Maliavale said...

Good call on the Bai Ling. That pretty much just says it all!

But what's wrong with crying when you're angry?