Wednesday, February 07, 2007

How Long Have We Been Married?

We went to Target tonight. Yes, that place also known as Nirvana II (Chipotle is Nirvana I).

The Farm Boy needed printer paper, a filter for the furnace, and some packing tape. They were out of our filters. So, he got the printer paper and the tape.

I needed... a few other things.

At the checkout, the amount was just a bit over $200.

Or as Farm Boy said bellowed,

"$242.37! I came for printer paper and tape, and it cost me $242.37!!!"

The conversation continued something like this--

ME: "Ummm, duh. It's Target. What did you expect?"

FB: "I didn't expect to buy makeup and hair stuff and socks and kitchen utensils and chopsticks and and other girlie crap!"

[since when are chopsticks "girlie crap?"]

ME: But we didn't make you buy tampons.

FB: True. [pause] Please just kill me.*

Silly boy... he should know better.

*The Farm Boy grew up in California with 5 brothers and one sister. He is desperately trying to combat the inevitable estrogen-creep that is slowly invading his manly persona.


Gabrielle said...

Seriously. What DOES he expect? It's TARGET!!!

If only we had it here...

nabbalicious said...

Ha! I think you got off easy!

Also, how much do you rule on the weight loss?! 14 pounds -- that's wonderful!

3carnations said...

We spend more time looking at Target than actually purchasing things. My son has to look at every toy in the toy aisle.

Then we leave with what we came for.

Paisley said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm Target.

It's like Costco. You can't get out for under $100 and a sense of euphoria over the cool, new stuff.

Julie_Gong said...

I am so hungry for Chipotle. You've made it worse now. Thank you. I see a road trip to Maryland in my future.

Stinkypaw said...

Like the Borg say: Resistance is futile!

Sparkling Cipher said...

Well, yeah! Target = spend some money. Where has he been? I thought everybody knew that rule.

And it IS a rule.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, the Target Zone. A money-sucking hole if ever there was one. I love that stupid place, and I need blinders not to leave having spent 3 times what I intended. Poor, poor Farm Boy. He just doesn't understand.

BTW - I LOVED The Thirteenth Tale. What a great read. The last book I enjoyed that much was The Historian (if you haven't read it, you must).

don't call me MA'AM said...

gabrielle: hmmm, Target or the Eiffel Tower/Arc de Triomphe/Louvre.... yeah, that would be a difficult choice. haha

nabbalicious: I can't get HIM to understand that! OH, and thanks! Only 5 more pounds to go! Woot!

3carnations: What??!? That. Does. Not. Compute. ;-)

paisley: Exactly. I bought a new wok last night and I can't wait to use it!!!

julie_gong: sorry! The burritos do freeze nicely, in case you want to stock up when you get to Maryland. I'm just saying.

stinkypaw: Yep. I just go with it. He'll learn. Eventually.

sparkling cipher: oh, I don't think he minds as much when it's stuff HE wants. heh heh

tammara: I count myself lucky if I EVER make it out of there under $100... and it's usually double or triple that.

I'm SO glad you loved The Thirteenth Tale! I feel justified in my book crush over it now! Will definitely find The Historian. Is that the one by Kostova?

metalia said...

Ha! Each and every time we go, we have that exact. same. conversation.

We consider it a minor victory if the bill is under $70.

It's all worth it though--it is Target, after all.

othurme said...

Chopsticks became girlie things when some girl decided it was cute to wrap her hair up in a bun with them.

don't call me MA'AM said...

metalia: absolutely... and under $70? Wow, that IS a victory!

othurme: agreed. But I would never do that. Chopsticks are only eating utensils in my book... besides, I can't get past that Ben Stiller line to the flight attendant in Meet the Parents!