Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wuv, Twue Wuv, Will Fowwow You Fowevah...

Most women in my generation will admit to being programmed about love. As young girls, Disney taught us that our handsome prince would one day sweep us off our feet, away from wicked step-mothers or evil witches, to live happily ever after in the castle of our choice. And a lot of us waited for that prince.

I’d like to think I found one. The Farm Boy is a pretty good guy… his nickname comes from the Princess Bride, and he often calls me “Buttercup” and tells me, “As you wish.” Sounds like true love, yes?

However, I think the one creature on this planet who loves me more than any other is… my dog. Ask my husband if I’m the love of his life, he might crack some joke or say that we haven’t been married long enough to truly know. Take one look at my little Chihuahua, and you’ll know. I am the love of HIS life.

Pathetic, isn’t it?

Daughter #1: Mom! Seriously! Look at that dog! He’s just sitting there waiting for you to look at him. He’s patiently waiting for you to sit down on the bed with him so he can snuggle with you!

[on phone with boyfriend]: Dude, that dog LOVES my mom. Seriously. I mean, he worships her.

I wouldn’t be surprised if, during the day when we’re not home, he’s home building shrines to her.

[in the Taco Bell Chihuahua voice]:
“Oh, Yo Quiero The Mommy! Ohhhhh!”

I guess I’ll take what I can get. :-)


On a completely unrelated note… I gave up the queen mother dirty word for Lent. I’ve already broken that promise twice… in less than 24 hours. Gah. What exactly is the penalty for that??


stefanie said...

Grr. Blogger ate my comment. On the off chance it actually does still display, I don't want to be entirely repetitive, so I'll just say I had no idea that Princess Bride reference was why you call your husband that, and now that I know, I think that's sweet.

Sheena Beaston said...

the mother dirty word is such a release though.

i'd suggest a new lenten obligation.

btw, you should check out my site

we are still undergoing some serious plastic surgery to get our facade up to date, but i promise that it will soon be the freshest and most radical site!

sheena beaston

lizgwiz said...

Breaking a Lenten vow? I think you go straight to hell for that. (I'm TOtally kidding.)

Doggie love is great, isn't it? Kitty love, too, of course, but they just don't have that worshipful "you are my everything" vibe that dogs do.

maliavale said...

I love that she calls her boyfriend "dude." Dude! It's an interjection.

Jaek said...

I wish I had someone to worship me

Stinkypaw said...

Diego is such a good boy for worshiping you like that - enjoy it!

don't call me MA'AM said...

stefanie: apparently, it did eat your other comment. Grr! :-) Yep, that's his name. Neither one of us is really a 'farm' person.

sheena beaston: I honestly can't think of anything else I should give up. Lame, huh? Maybe I should give up blogging. haha I've already been to sideponytails and will continue to visit!

lizgwiz: that's exactly what our office receptionist said when I asked her the same question! haha Yes, the doggie adoration is pretty sweet.

maliavale: Totally an interjection! As intelligent as she is, she calls a lot of us "Dude!" But it's kind of catching... I find myself doing it, too.

jaek: I worship you!

stinkypaw: yes, yes he is. At this very minute, he's staring at me, wondering why I could possibly want to be sitting in a chair instead of snuggling in a warm bed with him. Scary.

3carnations said...

I think you just need a replacement word. I have not sworn once, whether he is in the room or not, since way before my son was born. I think I realized there are so many words in the English language, and if you say "Fiddlesticks!" with enough passion, it sounds just as angry and the f-word.

3carnations said...

angry AS the f-word...

Note to self, must proofread comments...

Sparkling Cipher said...

I thought he was raised on a farm. The Princess Bride reference is such a much better explanation. I LOVE The Princess Bride.

I also LOVE dogs. There are loads of reason to love them, but the best is that they will love you no matter what. I show my appreciation for Cubby's and Ariel's devotion by having at least two pictures of each of them taped to my computer monitor at work. My fiance only got included because I happen to have a really great picture of him cuddling with Ariel. ;) He would get more if he openly worshipped me like they did.

-R- said...

That shrine is awesome. I am impressed that dog loves you so much even though you are making it wear a sweatshirt! =)

don't call me MA'AM said...

3carnations: the odd thing is that I only say it when I'm a)alone, or b) alone with the Farm Boy. I've tried substituting a word, but I keep slipping. Gah.

sparkling cipher: nope... southern Cal, actually. ;-) And Dogs Rule!

-r-: thanks. I was hoping you'd like it! He actually likes the sweaters, because he only weighs about 8lbs and is cold all the time. I would never dress up a dog for any reason other than to keep him warm. Or maybe to take blackmail pictures to show his friends. But that's it... I swear!

goldennib said...

In my first meeting with my now husband his parting words to me were, "As you wish."