Friday, February 09, 2007

A "One Day, I'll Need to Count The Number of Editions I Have" Friday Why Files...

WHY #1: Why can’t someone be logical about this issue? In the continuing stooooory* of distracted driving legislation, this one includes some really interesting bans: Vermont legislators are considering banning “…eating, drinking, smoking, reading, writing, personal grooming, playing an instrument, “interacting with pets or cargo,” talking on a cell phone or using any other personal communication device while driving.” [CBS News]

Yeah, I grab that guitar out of my backseat and strum along all the time I’m driving. Haha Oh, and when I was in college as a music major, my “instrument” was my voice. Does that mean I can’t SING while I drive?

Seriously though, I’ve posted many times about the government’s intrusion into matters such as these. I wholeheartedly agree that distracted driving has escalated into very dangerous territory. People who do not practice safe driving with cell phones are as dangerous as those who put on makeup, eat, drink coffee, etc. while driving. I think putting specific items into legislation is missing the point. Reckless driving is reckless driving. Having a carload of passengers can be just as or more distracting than taking a sip of water. I also know that my headset connected to my phone that I use while driving is no more distracting than the guy next to me with his bass thumping so loudly that my stomach starts to vibrate.

And IF legislation such as this is passed, what next? No allergens allowed in cars, because they could cause you to sneeze… and that’s distracting. No open windows, because bees could fly in and sting you while you’re driving… and that’s distracting.

WHY #2: Why have I never before had Pumpkin Butter? I already love apple butter with a passion… but have recently found pumpkin butter. Sweet heaven on earth! It’s delicious! On toast, on English muffins, on waffles or pancakes… yummy, yum, yum.

WHY #3: Why didn’t I know that panty hose for men was in such high demand? Creepy.

WHY #4: Why are we so mad on making examples out of kids, without looking at all the evidence? Be sure to read the entire article about the evidence and witness statements. [Houston Chronicle]

Doesn’t intent have any place in this world anymore? Couldn’t this kid have served an after school detention and then end the whole thing? Trust me. As an educator, I’m as strict as they come for those who break the rules. BUT. I also exercise my JUDGMENT as to whether the intent was malicious, the degree of the offense, etc. This borders on harassment, in my opinion. Poor kid.

WHY #5: Why am I so depressed all of a sudden? Oh, yeah. Asinine news articles.

WHY #5: Why am I so happy all of a sudden? Oh, yeah... a fun night out with friends at the local comedy shop. Should be a good time tonight!

This concludes today's Friday Why Files. Happy Friday!

*10 points to the first person to name this TV line reference.


Libragirl said...

That prosecutor should be disbarred.

wire said...

#4 is, without a doubt, the most ridiculous overeaction i have ever heard of. As to asking the boy whether he has been raped? What the hell is that about?!? Even if it was malicous does that mean he is repressing some deep dark secret memory of sexual abuse? What total rubbish - sometimes kids do dumb things. Who'da thunk it? Way to completely strip a whole slab of innocence from him. Yeah, 10 year olds really need those sort of thoughts and possibilities shoved in their faces by strangers who have arrested them and taken them away from their parents. Great one guys.

don't call me MA'AM said...

libragirl: ... and maybe drawn and quartered, too.

wire: exact same thoughts I had. Sad and pathetic, no?