Tuesday, March 20, 2007

5 Reasons the Farm Boy Makes Me Laugh...

1. He complained today that he's not getting enough "air time" on the blog. Well, here you go, honey. An entire post dedicated to you. :-)

2. He won't close the shower curtain. I maintain that if you keep the shower curtain closed, mold and mildew don't build up as quickly as when you keep the shower curtain open (and all wrinkled in one spot).
The Farm Boy maintains that he cannot enter the bathroom when the shower curtain is closed because monsters might be hiding in the shower, just waiting to attack him while he brushes his teeth.

3. During my morning teeth brushing ritual, he stood behind me and looked in the mirror.

FB: "I love you even though you're short." (He's 6'4", I'm almost 5'4")
Me: "So that means it's possible that you might not love me someday due to my shortness?"
FB: "Yes. Yes it does."

4. While playfully arguing over the phone this morning, the Farm Boy realized he was losing the argument with me*. Here's how he responded to losing:

FB: "Oh yeah?"
[barely audible, very low sounding noise]
Me: "What was that?"
FB: "That was Jaws."
Me: "Are you standing next to the piano?"
FB: "Yes."
Me: "Jaws is your comeback??!?"

5. This look, which usually accompanies conversations like the one in #4 above.
It's an incredible likeness. Trust me.

*Yes, dear. You lost that argument, and I have proof.


stefanie said...

I keep my shower curtain closed, but I always peek behind it when I get home to make sure no one and nothing is hiding back there.

I also have to look under the bed before I get in. Does the Farm Boy do that, too?

3carnations said...

That's a lovely tribute. What you say about the shower curtain is absolutely true. We had quite a mildew issue, because our shower curtain was often left open because we hang my son's clothes on the rod to air dry so they don't shrink. (for some reason baby & toddler clothes shrink more than adult clothes). Last year we got a double shower curtain rod. We can close the curtain AND hang clothes. No mildew. No monsters. Yippee!

goldennib said...

Farm Boy is so cute (his picture.)

Tell him that when he goes in the bathroom, he should punch the shower curtain. If there are monsters behind it, they will be scared and run away. Trust me, it works.

-R- said...

This could totally have been written about H. Except that I am sure H would want me to clarify that he is not scared of monsters behind the shower curtain. H is just lazy and does not like to close it.

Libragirl said...

My mom can't sleep if the closets doors are open. Most people want them open to prevent the monsters, but she was at my house, in the guest room and my closet door in my bedroom was open, she came in and closed it because it bothered her that it was open and she couldn't sleep.

I love that he played Jaws. Classic boy move

don't call me MA'AM said...

stefanie: he doesn't check under the bed... probably because he knows that no monster could fit under the bed with all the junk we have under it. ;-)

3car: I'm trying to picture that, but will probably have to Google it to find an image. Personally, I like the curved shower rods... more space is always nice!

goldennib: I will. :-) I've told him just to peek around the corner of the curtain, but he won't do that either. haha

-r-: sometimes, I wonder if the "monster" excuse is just a charade... it's probably just laziness.

libragirl: I used to be like that with closets, too. And yes, it was definitely a classic boy move. :-)

FarmBoy said...

FYI to all - I am not lazy, if I wanted to close the shower curtain, I would. But if I enter the bathroom and turn my back on the shower, then I have to look just to make double sure there is no one in there....think about it...it is the perfect hiding place for monsters. The one time you do not look, they will strike!

Punching it does no good...they will just wait until you turn your back....and there is NO room under the bed for anything bigger than a shoe - no problem for me...

3carnations said...

Here's a link to the shower curtain rod:


nabbalicious said...

Ha! Cute post. I also keep the shower curtain closed. If you don't, mold grows between the folds and ewwwww.

lizgwiz said...

I keep my shower curtain closed, of course, and my toilet seat and lid down, because it just looks neater, in addition to the mold-fighting advantage.

I will say, though, that Farm Boy has a point about monsters behind the curtain. I had a couple of friends in college who, once they'd tossed back a few, liked to hide behind the shower curtain at parties and listen in on what people surely thought were private activities. Sneaky bastards.

don't call me MA'AM said...

FB: what have I told you about drunk blogging/commenting? ;-)

3car: THANKS!!

nabbalicious: exactly! Personally, I consider mold much worse than monsters.

lizgwiz: for that exact reason, I always check behind a closed curtain (shower or otherwise)... but not because of monsters. ;-)

Anonymous said...


Stinkypaw said...

We don't have a shower curtain, so no fear of monster nor mildew. And I do agree with you, it does make it appear faster with the curtain opens because it doesn't dry!

Ps. You are short! and I'll keep liking you even when you'll shrink! ;-)