Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Food Fancying...

1. After seeing commercials for TLC's Take Home Chef with Curtis Stone, I asked my husband what he'd think if he came home from a long day of whatever it is he does for a living* and saw me standing there with Curtis Stone in our kitchen. It wouldn't be quite the same as seeing me with Emeril or Paul Prudhomme, would it? At any rate, I know that issue has me thinking twice about what I wear to the grocery store. ;-)

2. Apparently, girls who eat at Quizno's need more meat. Check out this YouTube clip of the commercial. What is UP with that girl's laugh? Puh-leeze.

3. My youngest wanted to go to Cheeseburger in Paradise today with a friend... so being the cool mom that I am, I accompanied the two 13-year-olds. Yeah, hanging out with your mom is super cool! (I bribed them to let me come with them... I offered to pay.)

Ever tried the Chocolate Nachos? They're mmmmm... for the first few bites anyway. After about two or three, I start to feel a little nauseous and ask myself what the hell was I thinking? I don't eat stuff like this very often, but hey. Every so often, I like to live dangerously. Yeah, I'm such a rebel.

*He's self-employed, which is secret code for doing whatever the hell he wants to do. Ah, just kidding. He is diligently working at becoming the Sugar Daddy he promised me he would be. You Go, Farm Boy!


goldennib said...

Take Home Chef kind of gives me the willies. I wouldn't want this to happen to me. Grocery shopping is stressful enough.

That girl belongs on an HBO show out-take.

I'm not a big chocolate fan, so this doesn't look good to me.

I hope you get your Sugar Daddy soon.

Red said...

God, the girl with the laugh! I know! I hope they got her professional help right after they exploited her craziness to sell sandwiches.

Stinkypaw said...

1. I would take him home, chef or not, aahh I mean, yeah, need to dress nice for grocery shopping, never know who you could encounter! ;-)

2. Freak!

3. From the look of it I'd say no thanks, but then again it's chocolate covered so I'd probably try it!

*Don't reveal our secret code, for us self-employed people out there!

MiMaw said...

Quizno girl -Eeeek! I have to run out of the room covering my ears screaming Lalalalala! It is worse than squeaky chalk on a chalkboard!

metalia said...

HA! I always wondered that about the Take Home Chef; inasmuch as he is cute, I feel like the husbands always think that their wives are confessing to cheating on them, and it's being televised for some reason. The husbands all have the same weird, wary look on their faces when they first walk in, which is replaced by abject relief once the cooking situation is actually explained.

aka_Meritt said...

Hmmm... that kinda looks like someone threw up.


But then again, I don't like chocolate, so what do I know? LOL.