Saturday, March 31, 2007

Road Trip...

I'm about 30 minutes away from taking a 3 hour road trip, and I'm not at all ready to go. Even though I shouldn't be taking the time to post, I didn't want to leave that last one on the top. I don't want to give the "haters" more power than they deserve.

So, I'll leave you with these thoughts:

1. Panera's French Toast bagels with hazelnut whipped cream cheese -- YUM. *

2. The Lost Villagers is my new obsession until the next Mystery Case Files comes out. I'm lame.

3. I'm very envious of my Bloggy Friends who live close by to other Bloggy Friends... they're all going out on "blates"--short for blog date. That's a metalia or -r- term, I think. Actually, I'm not sure who coined it. Ladies, who would like to take credit?

I don't know anyone who is that close to me... if you live in the midwest and want to compare how flat your state is and maybe go for a margarita or two, click on "Converse with La Grump" in my sidebar, and we'll talk!

4. I need to go spend some serious time in Google Earth before I head out on my trip. I'm driving alone on the way up (boo!), and then Daughter #1 and I are staying in a hotel before we drive back tomorrow morning. I want to make sure I have directions down to the exact exit sign off the interstate!

5. Thanks again to all of you who commented on the last post... and if you only read and didn't comment, no big deal. It's a tough subject, but I'm determined to keep supporting blogging and the freedom to do so. I don't believe there should be roadblocks to anyone who has something to say. I just hope that "something" isn't filled with hatred and violence. We have enough of that in the world... let's play NICE in here, m'kay?? Oh, you most certainly may be snarky. Snarky is funny.

6. I have been lax in developing ideas for mugs. The last post gave me an idea, so I'll be adding those Sunday when I return. I'll even have a button/label for you to add to your blog, if you want.

7. Wishing you all an absolutely fabulous weekend! The Why Files will be up tomorrow evening.


Stinkypaw said...

Point no.3 is almost funny - I just finished reading your previous post... I want to remain anonumous and I'm envious of bloggy friends on "blates" - in a strange twisted way I know what you mean! (Scary!)

-R- said...

I hope the road trip was fun! I just used "blate" the other day when I was talking about going out with Stefanie, but I don't know that I invented the "word."

I have to think that there are bloggers who live near you. Hopefully some fun ones!