Thursday, March 29, 2007

Not A Lemming, Not Yet A Rebel

I'm not really a non-conformist, but I'm not a bandwagon jumper either.

In fact, there are certain things that I won't do specifically because EVERYONE else is. Unfortunately, I think that isn't always a good thing. By not jumping on the bandwagon, are these things just passing me by?

The lemming look just doesn't suit me, though, so I try to stay away from all that "big, new, everyone should have THIS!" stuff.

If a book is really hyped by a lot of people... if someone's very prestigious bookclub recommends it... I might avoid it just because everyone else is reading it. Oh sure, I might read it a few years later, but I could be missing out on a really good thing, right?

It's the same thing with music, and most especially when radio stations play the songs to death. If there's a new, fresh, hot, [insert your most hip adjective here] artist that everyone wants to hear, I avoid that new artist like the plague. Exceptions shall be made when someone whose opinions I highly regard endorses the same artist. Maybe.

How about politics? Yeah, we don't talk about that stuff here. Again, partly because it's soup du jour* to do so.

I just hate TRENDY... fashion might be the one example where I won't completely dismiss a new trend. Well, that is, unless the trend happens to be extremely popular with the 10-16 year old demographic. Then it's wise for me to run, not walk, away from it.

There are a few books and movies that have been released recently, and I want nothing to do with them. Maybe when the hype dies down, I'll be all over them.

So... does this make me look like I'm behind the times... a johnny-come-lately? Or am I just sitting here, doing my own thing, movin' to my own groovin', not caring what anyone else thinks? Deep down, I probably do care a little... otherwise, why would I be posting about it??

Meh. I don't know. What do you do?

*I know. This means "soup of the day." A friend and I use this term jokingly when we talk about the flavor of the moment.


Sparkling Cipher said...

Sometimes we think so alike it's a bit frightening.

I'm so very against trendy. Trendy implies lack of individuality and a herd mentality. I like to think that I can form my own opinions rather than having some marketing whiz tell me what to like.

I try to avoid the knee-jerk rebellion against what is trendy, though. Why should I cheat myself out of something I could really love just because a lot of other people are loving it this week?

lizgwiz said...

I am JUST like you. I do the exact same thing. Oprah recommends a book? I won't touch it. At least not for a few years. (Unless she happens to recommend something by one of my favorite authors. Which hasn't happened yet.) I figure I'm not really missing out, though...if something has staying power, it'll still be around for me to enjoy on MY schedule, right? And it's so much more fun to discover cool writers, musicians, actors on your own, isn't it?

don't call me MA'AM said...

sparkling: Frightening? or is it closer to utter relief to know that you're not the only one on the planet who thinks that way? I'm hoping the latter... it validates us both. :-)

lizgwiz: Absolutely!! Oh, but you mentioned that "O" name, and now her minions will have to come get you. Look out. I've heard it's pretty scary. haha

Sparkling said...

:-) Ah, yes, relief is much better, isn't it? It is good to know that my thought processes make enough sense that a separate, independent person can follow the same track.

mjd said...

I am enjoying your posts. This is my first visit. I guess that we should go to restaurants because we like the food, listen to music because we enjoy the tunes, wear certain clothes because we like how we look or feel. Perhaps, a way that you might be enticed to follow a trend is advice from a friend. For example, your friend says, "You should try the Spinach Quachai at Smithie's Italian Pub." or "Have you heard, "Sing It to me Baby" by Lil' Rapstar?" On the other hand, maybe some folks just like to try new things.

Stinkypaw said...

I tend not to follow trends either. Sometime I think I do it just to be a rebel, and other times I know I it's because I hate the "herd" syndrom that so many people suffer from...