Monday, March 26, 2007

Finally, She Posts The Prom Picture Challenge

My friend, -R-, posted a challenge to fellow bloggers. The challenge, should we choose to take it, was to post our prom picture(s). I'm late to the game, but what else is new?

So, here we go:

Prom #1

This was my junior prom. The date was my boyfriend at the time... lovingly referred to by my family and close friends as the Psycho Boyfriend From Hell. I'd explain, but that's fodder for another post or two... or two hundred.

Note the lovely, purple, homemade dress that made me look about 10 sizes bigger than I actually was. Why THANK YOU! Yes. As a teenage girl, I would absolutely LOVE to have something that hides my natural waist line. Who wouldn't?!?! Mr. PBFH had to wear a white tux jacket and black pants... because that's what James Bond always wore. O-kaaaay.

See how the lovely purple, homemade dress matches my lovely, purple blockhead? Luckily, my Bride of Frankenstein hairstyle is somewhat obscured in the picture by the classy lion pride painting in the background.

Prom #2

This was my senior prom. At the time, I had recently broken up with PBFH and was hoping to have a good time with some friends. Good Friend Since the 2nd Grade asked me to the prom. I loved this guy to death... as a friend. We had such a blast at the prom!

Note the fabulous mermaid-like structure to that dress... another handmade dress. Actually, now that I think about it, most of the girls I knew wanted a handmade/homemade dress, so that they could have something original. Hmmm. Yep. I was the only mermaid dress at the prom.

And the best part of the dress... well, I had gone in for several fittings of the dress with the girl who made it. It fit like a glove. Perfectly! Yeah... like a glove that won't allow you to SIT. DOWN. Not even to get into your date's car. So, I had to shimmy it up to my hips just to get into his car. Now THAT's class, my babies!

Oh, and I blocked most of it out with my lovely, purple blockhead, but yes... I actually wore a banana clip in my hair. To the prom. I'm telling you, kids... with me, it's All-Fashion-All-The-Time!

So, yes, we had a really good time at the prom. After that, it got very awkward. Sometimes, when you're not sure how you feel about someone you've been friends with for a long time, situations become confusing. I'm not going into any details, other than it didn't end well. Pretty much my fault, and I'm not proud of that. Let's just say, I hoped that by ignoring him, our friendship could go back to the way it was before. Like that was ever going to happen. *sigh*

Well, there you have it. Midwest Prom o' The 80s. No one promised it would be pretty. ;-)


goldennib said...

I thought your dresses looked very pretty.

Ludicrousity said...

Whoa! Check out those dresses! Blast from the past! :)

Julie_Gong said...

I'm pretty sure I had a Ken doll who had the exact same outfit as PBFH. His jacket was velvet though. So preeety!

-R- said...

It is never too late!

My favorite part of the first picture is the lion artwork. And the white jacket. Oh, high school boys.

I actually really like the second dress. Too bad you couldn't sit down in it! Also, I think we had the same backdrop for pictures at my prom. They must just reuse it every year. =)

don't call me MA'AM said...

goldennib: thanks! I did like the colors a lot at the time.

ludi: yes, the styles definitely scream 1980s!

julie_gong: AHAHAHA! Was it the anatomically correct Ken doll or ambiguous Ken? haha

-r-: my parents still have that lion artwork stored somewhere in their basement. And yes, high school boys. Ugh.

I'm sure that the school kept that lattice work and floral arrangment for all the prom pics. Cheap is always good, right?

Stinkypaw said...

The mermaid dress was just asking for you to go wild and rip the bottom part off, like they often do in teens movies...

stefanie said...

I love that you wore a banana clip to the prom. I'm trying to remember what I did with my hair (since I know I didn't splurge for a professional updo or something). I think I actually just wore a french braid. Obviously I looked just as awesome and stylish as you. :-)

metalia said...

Oh, banana clips! I forgot about those! Did you weave baby's breath flowers in your banana clip before going out to any big affair? You know, just to let everyone know just how fancy you were? Because I did. Klassy is my middle name.

Paisley said...

Mermaids will never go out of style. Neither will prom dates with purple boxes for heads. And banana clips.

Just wait until you see mine! Shiny fabric never looked!With matching shoes!


I give you points for making your dresses.

3carnations said...

Cute dresses. Mermaid was the first thing that came to mind. Was "Splash" the theme at your prom? :p

Jenny said...

Ha! I have friends who still make fun of me because I still own a few banana clips.

Of course I don't wear them with a formal dress, but still.

don't call me MA'AM said...

stinkypaw: I almost had to do that! It would have been all Jamie Lee Curtis from True Lies, right?ha

stefanie: it was the 80s, no? As long as the hair was big and shellacked, it was good. ;-)

metalia: I'm sure there was baby's breath in there somewhere! And maybe a stephanosis, too. Those were THE flowers to get back then, and I have no idea why.

paisley: oh, yes! I forgot that I had shoes that matched... and they weren't even the dyed kind. I actually found shoes the exact same color as my dress. Can't wait to see yours!

3car: no, it actually had nothing to do with the sea or water in general... although, I can't exactly recall what it was now.

jenny: well, of course you still have banana clips. Doesn't EVERYONE? ;-)