Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Slightly Longer Weekend Why Files...

WHY #1
: Why didn't I get into the spirit of St. Patrick's Day yesterday?

I guess I did wear a green shirt, but attending a high school musical last night kinda cut into my plans of all-night partying. *ahem*

Stop laughing.

I can party all night if I want to!!


Who am I kidding?

I leave that all up to Julie Gong, through whom I try to live vicariously. But even vicariously, I think I'm too old. I'm sure she'll have her very interesting St. Pat's weekend recap up soon.

WHY #2: Why wasn't this on any of the product lists on the internets lately? AND... why couldn't I find even one at any of the stores this weekend? Boo.

WHY #3: Why? Why?? Why??? This guy was freed after being wrongly accused of rape-- for 18 YEARS-- and then, after he was released, he murdered someone.

WHY #4: Why was anyone surprised? Mom was called to come to school to pick up her child who was disruptive and then...

"The mother of a Cannella Elementary student was jailed Friday after throwing a
cursing fit in her son’s classroom and threatening the principal, according to
an arrest report
. " Tampa Bay Online

WHY #5: Another teacher turning her school into a pimpin' barn. What the hell is wrong with these people? And for the love of God... the boy was THIRTEEN. Gah! That just makes me shudder with disgust.

WHY #6: Why would you argue with your co-worker, a fellow kitchen employee at a steakhouse, if he is the dude holding the steak knives?

WHY #7: Why did she remove her clothes? Was she hoping to be forgiven for running down a police officer? You have to read the whole article. What a loony!

WHY #8: Why isn't this woman running for president? Her brilliance and class act will amaze you. With video goodness. If you skip all the other links, make sure you view this one.

And that concludes this edition of the Weekend Why Files.


Alyssa said...

What an incredibly comprehensive list of weird stuff.


stefanie said...

Per your WHY #3, my little sister and her boyfriend knew the victim in that case. I'm glad they finally convicted the guy, as that trial is all she's been able to think about lately.

Per the rest of the list... You follow nationwide news much more closely than I do!

lizgwiz said...

Why, indeed?

I have a co-worker I hope doesn't read the #3 story. He doesn't think the advances in DNA evidence are really all that important, since nobody truly innocent would ever be charged with a crime. "They must be guilty of something." Looks like in this, he'd be right.

Stinkypaw said...

Wow! that's all I have to say about it all - wow!

goldennib said...

Is there any point in asking why any more? Jaw dropped to the floor should be good enough.

Ludicrousity said...

What the hell?!!! That's what I say every week, but seriously, what the hell?! Freaks! Oh, and I went out partying on st pats day, but coz it's was my bday party, we didn't even go anywhere irish, we went to a jazz club. How very st pats day of us...