Tuesday, January 03, 2006

First day back to work...

So, I'm tired. I couldn't sleep at all last night (finally dropped off somewhere around 2:30am). Late night TV is oh, so entertaining. I watched a woman with half a body (she rocks!) and then some super surgeries for people with hemangiomas. I don't recommend watching surgery shows before drifting off to sleep. The resulting "dreamage" is not good.

Why, then, am I still online? Why is this freaking Internet ruling my life???

I hated my blog template. So I switched. I hated my cartoon picture of me (although, oddly accurate). So I changed it. Hope you like my hands (nabb... would this make your project? haha!)

I'll work more this week (maybe even tomorrow) on making this look less like a cookie cutter place and more like me. If I figure out what that might be....

Oh, yeah. And work sucked today. Badly. Out of my 210 workday contract, I have only put away 93 days. WHAT?!?!?! C'mon! I thought I was at LEAST half-way through? Merde!

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nabbalicious said...

Haha, love your idea! It could be a "whoa, is that person a celebrity or something?" shot.